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National Junior Honor Society

Students are invited to join the TMS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society at the end of their first semester of their 7th grade year. Students are then asked to apply for admission into the National Junior Honor Society.
Students must show evidence of the five accomplishments:
Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Character, Service

How do you get invited to join the National Junior Honor Society? 

  • Grades: Students will receive an invitation to join NJHS because they have a 92% or higher cumulative grade average. They represent the top 25% of their class.
  • Invitation: An invitation will be available for you in early February
  • Application: Fill out the application
  • Submit the application and the TMS staff will evaluate you in the following categories:
    • Scholarship
    • Citizenship
    • Leadership
    • Character
    • Service or Treatment of others
Why Join NJHS? Click the link below for information from the National Junior Honor Society!
For Questions, Please Contact the TMS Chapter Advisor, TBD.
Service before Self