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Have a great restful summer, do something fun, make smart decisions and learn at least 1 interesting thing to share when you return to TISON MIDDLE SCHOOL!
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My name is Ramona Thiel, and this is my 2nd year at Tison Middle School. I am the new Girls Coordinator for Tison Athletics. I am moving from 8th grade math to Health & Girls PE teacher.

I am happy married for 32 years to a corporate pilot--Chuck. We have 6 children and
2 grandchildren. I love kids, math, and sports with all my heart.
I am excited about the 2015-16 school year?

The work-out & game schedule is listed below on an attachment.

The A-teams played in the Stephenville Volleyball tournament last Saturday. The 7th & the 8th both got 3rd place over-all. They beat Granbury Middle School, Stephenville, and Glenn Rose. In the fifth match Abilene Wyle barely beats both teams. The girls are playing extremely well and making great strides.

Here is a picture of the 8th grade girls Volleyball team.