Thanks WISD Education Foundation!

The WISD Education Foundation awarded the Tison Library (along with Crockett, Curtis, Hall, and Wright Libraries) the grant for "Medal of Honor" - giving us the opportunity to purchase award winning e-books. This grant was inspired by a post on a blog about a challenge started a few years ago called the "Newbery Medal Reading Challenge" ( - but why limit to just Newbery??


If they aren't the latest dystopian novels that will be turned into movies, books--especially award-winning books--often get overlooked. However, there are so many treasures to be found in these award-winning books. Don't be afraid of the dusty book jacket!!


Here's our challenge to you. Read a book that's won a Newbery, Caldecott, or any of the ALA awards (for a list of other awards go to


If it "spoke" to you, inspired you, or you just plain loved it - tweet about it using the #MOHreadingchallenge


Of course you can find many of these award-winning books at your school library!