Joe M. Tison Middle School

End of the 4th six weeks is Feb. 15

7th Grade Texas History

Quick reference Guide for Texas History
 First Six Weeks (August 23-October 5): Texas Geography, Early inhabitants of Texas, Exploration by Europe 1519-1821, and Celebrate Freedom Week 
Second Six Weeks (October 19-November 9):Colonization and the Empresario System   
Third Six Weeks (November 12-December 20): Unrest and Revolt in Texas 1821-1836,Texas Revolution, and the Republic of Texas
Fourth Six Weeks (January 8-February 15): Annexation of Texas to the U.S., Mexican-American War, and Texas during the Civil War along with Reconstruction.
Fifth Six Weeks (February 19-April 5): Cotton, Cattle, Railroads, and Closing the Frontier 
Sixth Six Weeks (April 8-May 24): Great Depression, World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement 
Important Times:
Conference times  Monday-Friday 9:55-10:46
Tutorial Times Monday-Thursday 7:30-7:55 
Important Information:First Day of School will be Monday August 23rd