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7th Grade Texas History and 8th Grade U.S. History

Quick reference Guide for Texas History
 First Six Weeks (August 28-October 5): Texas Geography, Early inhabitants of Texas, Exploration by Europe 1519-1821, and Celebrate Freedom Week 
Second Six Weeks (October 10-November 10):Colonization and the Empresario System   
Third Six Weeks (November 13-December 21): Unrest and Revolt in Texas 1821-1836,Texas Revolution, and the Republic of Texas
Fourth Six Weeks (January 9-February 16): Annexation of Texas to the U.S., Mexicn-American War, and Texas during the Civil War along with Reconstruction.
Fifth Six Weeks (February 20-April 13): Cotton, Cattle, Railroads, and Closing the Frontier 
Sixth Six Weeks (April 16-May 31): Great Depression, World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement 
Important Times:
Conference times  Monday-Friday 9:55-10:46
Tutorial Times Monday-Thursday 7:30-7:55 
Important Information:First Day of School will be Monday August 28th 

BlendED 8th grade U.S. History class at TMS



What is a BlendED class at Tison MS?

The blendED course is a combination of the physical classroom and an online course. 

  • Students meet in a face-to-face class at least 30% of time or more depending on curriculum.
  • Students receive web-based instruction and self-directed learning on the other days.
  • The face-to-face time in the class will be used for direct teaching, discussions/activities, projects and assessment.
  • While days outside of classroom are spent online, they provide for multiple opportunities for personalized instruction through direct contact with teacher, study groups, and individual learning.
  • Flexibility of learning and learning time
  • Differentiation of learning styles
  • One-on-one time with teacher if needed (on days that we don’t have face time class)
  • Safe, comfortable environment
  • Serves as an introduction to high school and college class experience



Students will use technology for each class through Chromebooks that are within the classroom or their own technology.  Students can utilize the TMS library, class computers, or computer labs to fulfill the course requirements as well as their personal computers.  Students will be using apps, applications, and educational sites that will require accounts provided by the teacher and the district.


Attendance Expectations:

The blended course is based on face-to-face class twice a week and web-based instruction on the other days. Attendance on the face-to-face class is crucial for course success. If a face-to-face is missed, a make-up session with your teacher must be completed. If you miss a total of 4 face-to-face, you will lose the opportunity to use blended instruction and will have face-to-face instruction with the teacher. The process will be:


  • 1st absence – make-up session
  • 2nd absence – make-up session, student conference with parent contact
  • 3rd absence – make-up session, student conference with Assistant Principal, and parent
  • 4th absence – student will only attend in classroom and will not be allowed self directed classroom time

*Above denotes unexcused absences.


Face to Face Attendance Expectations

* Students absent due to school business will be required to attend class in the classroom the  following day after the missed day.  They must make up one day for every face-to-face class missed.  On days of online classes, students sign in using the form on the class website for attendance and with location of self-directed space. 

** Student are required to be physically in the classroom 1 day per week due to state required seat time.


Late/Missing or Unfinished Web-based Assignments

  • 1st time an assignment is late/missing or unfinished the student will attend class in the classroom the next 2 self-directed days.
  • 2nd time an assignment is late/missing or unfinished the student will attend class in the classroom with no self-directed classes for 2 weeks.
  • 3rd time an assignment is late/missing or unfinished the student will attend class in the classroom permanently with no self-directed days.


Grading Policy

  • Due to the nature of the course, the emphasis is going to be on student learning of the objectives. Each student will receive a rubric and a list of the objectives that they are expected to learn by the end of the unit. The students will have six opportunities to exemplify their learning of the objectives to the teacher. Final grades will be based on an average of student attainment of the objectives for the unit.
    • 3 of the assessments will be generated by the instructor to gauge the learning of the objectives
    • 3 of the assessments will be generated by the students to exemplify the learning of the objectives


Grade Expectations:

If a student’s grade drops below an overall grade of 80, then the student is expected to attend face to face classes until the overall grade returns above an 80.


The teacher is available outside of class to meet individually before school office hours, hour block lunch sessions, and during online class days.


Dropping the Course:

Once enrolled, if a student desires to drop the course, they will not be able to do so until the end of the semester.










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                                                                                                                                                -George Washington