Joe M. Tison Middle School

End of the 4th six weeks is Feb. 15
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Welcome 2018-2019 CTE Students!
This year I will be teaching a couple of different courses from the last couple of years.
Cyber Citizenship
This is a new course to our school.  It is designed to help take the cyber skills that students have been using since elementary school and refine them to meet all aspects of cyber social behavior.  We will be talking throughout the semester about how to refine research techniques, how to stay safe, how to be respectful and responsible with the many parts of on-line use.
College and Career Readiness
What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question that has been posed to our students since they began to realize the different jobs in the world.  Throughout the semester we will be talking about the options and areas of study available in high school and we will be looking at the different career clusters.  We will talk about what happens after high school and what path students might want to explore. 
Career Investigations
This course is designed to help students look into the multiple career clusters as well as learn about different careers and jobs.  Students will be introduced to, research and explore many career fields that they may not be exposed to here in Weatherford.  We will spend some time exploring what types of jobs might meet their particular personality and interest.  
Touch System Data Entry - TSDATAE

This year we will begin our semester with a career unit. We will be using the career cruising software which students are parents can access from home as well as using it in class. This unit will help students begin to plan not only for a future career but also prepare for registering for the last four years of their high school educational career.
We will spend a six weeks learning how to type by touch!
Our final six weeks together we will cover whatever we can get in.  I like spend some time connecting the correct terminology to the correct process for some Word functions,  might cover somethings over digital literacy, research and documentation and of course work on Speed and Accuracy.

TSDATAE is a required elective by the district. You must be present 90% of the semester in order to earn the credit, which is a local credit on their transcript.