Dual Credit

Steps to Registering for Dual Credit


1.        Apply at Weatherford College using Apply Texas (see instructions below)

2.       Take the TSI

3.       Enroll in the classes with Weatherford College in late April (using their MyWC portal)

4.       Show proof of enrollment  at Weatherord College to the high school counselor to have the dual credit courses added to                 the schedule before Arena Scheduling in May.



If you are planning to take dual credit courses next year, please follow this process:



So that we may build the appropriate number of class sections for dual credit, please visit this link and input the dual credit courses you plan to take.  https://forms.gle/dtSCoWzzWofSHX5n8



If this is your first time to take dual credit courses, you must 

1.  Read, initial and sign the attached dual credit agreement (if you have not already done so) and turn it into the counseling secretary.

2.  Go to www.applytexas.org (see attached instruction sheet) and submit an application to Weatherford College.  Bring a copy of the registration confirmation page to the counseling secretary.

3.  Once you have been accepted, make an appointment with the Weatherford College Testing Center to take the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) – this is the college placement exam that tests for college readiness.  You must pass the TSI before you can enroll in dual credit classes.  Bring a copy of your TSI scores to the counseling secretary.

4.When Weatherford College opens their registration window for Fall classes (late April), go into your Weatherford College MyWC portal and register for classes.  This must be completed before Arena Scheduling in May.

5.  Print out your registration confirmation and bring it to your counselor to add the courses to your WHS schedule.


WHS Counseling


Apply Texas Instructions for Dual-Credit Students


  1. Create an account. Click “Get started”

           “ My Profile” Tab

  1. Complete required fields (grade level is high school grade level when taking college classes)  You must complete all 15 steps listed below.  

Apply Texas Username:

Apply Texas Password:

            “My Applications” Tab

  1. Start a new blank application
  2. Create a new 2-year college admissions application.
  3. Select Weatherford College-Weatherford
  4. IMPORTANT-Select YES (You are completing this application to apply for dual credit or concurrent enrollment at this institution while still in high school).
  5. Select the semester
  6. Select AA-Early admissions: DO NOT select a second choice major.
  7. Biographical Information: Complete and verify application questions.

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide your (the student’s) social security number, your application WILL NOT be processed.

  1. Educational Background: Find your high school and enter graduation date, leave college blank.
  2. Educational Information: Admission Basis (applicable choice) and Reason Attending (Choose either Earn Associate's Degree or Earn Credits for Transfer).
  3. Residency Information: Residency of a student is determined by parent or legal guardian’s residence, answer residency questions accordingly.
  4. Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities: optional questions
  5. Custom Questions for this Institution: Answer these questions, save and acknowledge.


*FERPA Release Questions: Choose which records you wish to make available, save

*Enter names of individuals granted access to information (parents, legal guardians, etc.)

  1. Certification of information: Verify enter password, save and proceed, Submit now.

Application ID: