Joe M. Tison Middle School

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Welcome to 7th Grade English Language Arts

Classroom Expectations
1. Tison Middle School is "No Place For Hate." All students will treat each other with respect. You do not know what your peers are facing outside of school. 
2. Always have a book to read during downtime. If you come to class without a book, you will be required to select a book from the classroom library. 
Daily Procedures
1. Come to class prepared and on time. If you are late, bring a tardy slip signed by a teacher or administrator. Tardies will be recorded. Excessive lateness will result in parental contact. 
2. There will be a designated student from each class period that will be in charge of cleaning the desks. While the designated desk cleaner is cleaning the desks, the rest of the students will line up quietly against the wall until their assigned seat is clean. 
3. Start bell work as soon (or before) the bell rings.
4. Pay attention to all instruction. I will not repeat instructions if you have been talking; you will need to ask a neighbor who was paying attention. 
5. Phones will not be permitted in class. They should stay in student bags.
6. Texts books will be held in the wood-grain cabinet. If the 
7. Once an assignment is completed, you must turn it into the drawer labeled with your class period. It is YOUR responsibility to turn your work into the designated drawer. 
1. Binder with a one subject spiral OR a three subject spiral
2. Pen
3. Two glue sticks
4. Scissors