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Greetings Tison Parents/Guardians & Students!
My name is Profesora Kym Ferrell and I am the Spanish teacher here at Tison Middle School! I teach both Spanish I and AP Spanish IV, and I am the TMS Cheer Coach. I am also a proud puppy mom to a Miniature Schnauzer named Sir Thaddeus Maximus Ferrell, but I call him "Max" for short. I attended Texas State University in San Marcos, TX (Eat 'em up Cats!), where I completed my B.A. and B.S. double majoring in Chemistry and Spanish with a minor in Healthcare Administration. This will be my third year in WISD at Tison, but I have been teaching for nearly 13 years and have previously worked in Dallas ISD and Crowley ISD.
I grew up as the child of an active duty military dad (a.k.a. an "Army Brat"), so I was born in Europe and have traveled and lived all over the world. While studying Spanish, I lived in Guanajuato, Mexico for two years, and I have visited Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and most recently Bogota and Cartagena, Colombia. Peru is the next stop on my journey!
I am excited about meeting you all, and I am looking forward to a fantastic year of learning and exploring the Spanish language and culture that the 2017-2018 school year will bring. Please subscribe to my teacher page and  explore the links to my Spanish I & AP Spanish IV web pages, as well as the REMIND accounts for your/your student's class; I will frequently use them to provide additional information and resources throughout the year.  Thanks for visiting.....It's a great day to be a ROO!
Profe. K. Ferrell
FMOT: @Profe_Ferrell

Recent Posts

Ropa Vocabulario

Use this PowerPoint Presentation to complete your vocabulary list. Make sure to add any missing words from the list. When you are finished, you may go to the SPANISH I PAGE and play the "Vamos de Compras" game with your new vocabulary

La Pascua

Review the PowerPoint Presentation about Easter in Mexico and take notes. When you are finished, you will write a comparative essay detailing a MINIMUM of 3 similarities and 3 differences between how La Pascua/Easter is celebrated in the United States versus how it is celebrated in Mexico. Your essay must contain AT LEAST an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. You will need to write this essay in INK.  
Spanish I classes will write essays in English and Spanish IV classes will write in Spanish.

Stem-Changing Verb Activities

Today, you are going to do some online practice with stem-changing verbs. If you use the website, you can simply click on  each of the links. You will record your scores for each on your score sheet and turn it in to the tray. 

For Activity #2: Answer 30 questions

 OMIT Activity #3: It does not work on the Chromebooks.

If you have not already finished your stem-changing verbs packet, you will need to do so ASAP. It is your homework for the week and will be due by Thursday!

SPAN 1_Stem Changing verbs PPT

View the Powerpoint presentation and take notes. When you are finished, complete the  "Stem-Changing Verbs Notes" by using WWW.SPANISHDICT.COM to find the English translation. Then click on  the CONJUGATION tab to find the S/C Type (Stem-Change Type). When you have completed the notes, use them to complete the Stem-Changing Verbs Practice Worksheet and turn it in to the tray.